Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Charmed, I'm sure.

charm bracelets are can come in many different forms, from designer to cheap and chic, huge to tiny, pretty to drop dead gorgeous. a need for the fashionable teen to the affluent adult. today I'm review the designer charm bracelet with huge charms and is drop dead gorgeous. :) I'm talking than no other than Juicy Couture's charm bracelets.

Juicy Couture Jetest Charm Bracelet

who can resist a charm bracelet which has the classic red English telephone box and an Eiffel Tower on it? also has other iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood Star. everything blends in beautifully. :) a must for avid holiday makers
PROS: 10 charms!
CONS: charms not detatchable.

Juicy Couture Cupcake Charm Bracelet

I am usually a sucker for anything cupcake, and pair that with Juicy Couture, you'd think I'd be over the moon right? wrong. eventhough I love the cupcake charm, I really do not like the other two heart shaped charms on the sides. one reads EAT CANDY (pink one) and the other reads Juicy. also a huge fan of bows but it doesn't work here. it's a very tween bracelet for me, it'll be a crime for anyone over 11 to wear it.
PROS: cupcake!
CONS: charms not detatchable, kiddish

Juicy Couture "Charmed I'm Sure" Bracelet Watch

if you want a piece of Vegas without breaking the bank, get this bracelet watch. with the cute roulette table cum timepiece, dice and chip, it's casino-friendly and available to teens everywhere
PROS: charm bracelet AND watch altogether!
CONS: silver tarnishes

Juicy Couture Sweet Shoppe

14-karat gold plaited sweet treats, yum! it all looks so delicious, minus the calories! from a gorgeous piece of cake to a Swarovski® studded strawberry, where can you go wrong? packaging looks delicios too.
PROS: tasty!
CONS: pricey for six charms

Juicy Couture Antique Faces Charm Bracelet

oh, how vintage! look the part with this old looking bracelet, with old coins, a pearl and other intricate charms. very Mary-Kate and Ashley.
PROS: different
CONS: not detachable, clustered

Juicy Couture "Class of '07" Charm Bracelet

a fresh graduate? ease yourself into college with this pretty graduation charm bracelet! everything on it oozes GRADUATION :)
PROS: classy
CON: not detatchable