Thursday, January 24, 2008

Runway Work

FALL 2007
Viktor & Rolf's Fall 2007 runway show is the only runway show that literally makes me go wow. how can you not admire them when they added huge steel lights as part of the clothes? apart from it looking like it weighs a ton, they had to wear those chunky, rather ugly brightly coloured clogs. the lights brought direct focus to the clothes, which I find smart. but the clothes were nothing really special (save for a certain some)

the runway show was widely criticized because of the work the models had to go through, and I wouldn't want to be the one on the runway wearing sky-high clogs. but hey, it's different and new. see it for yourself

this piece looks very suitable for work, with the cozy looking top and the neutral coloured skirt.

another casual looking piece-the dullness of the top and the skirt really brings out the red. like the contrast with the clogs too.

I would wear this piece! looks so chic and warm yet light-weight, perfect for cold nights out.

looks like it's from the Victorian era, with the material and the cutting. like the way they made it younger by adding a skinny black belt.

another Victorian looking one. I don't like the material, it looks like the wallpaper of the Queen's room. I like the way it's clinched to the side, a very bias cut. but a very grandmother-y dress all and all.

love the dramatic deep crimson, the huge neckline and the cute. the red choker completes the outfit. lighting on the dress is makes it look almost perfect.

this is probably the most dramatic piece of the collection. she looks like an dreamy angel. the white fabric on the back is (thankfully) connected to the dress, so it doesn't look like a bedsheet.

my favourite piece. what's a dress without bows? love the way the ribbon is draped on the light, and the drapes on the top of the dress is heavenly. very light, satin-y look to the dress. absolutely gorgeous.

Viktor & Rolf's latest runway show can't be any more different to the last one (above). this collection is in pretty shades of white, cream, and pink with touches of black. very classy and pretty. dramatic dresses and violin accessories on the other hand was in the collection to make it edgier. some pieces are to-die-for, and others are, well, clownish.

don't a fan of long flowly pants (as in the first two pictures) but the second one looks good. like a reinvented suit for women. like the last one best cause it looks like what a high society horse riding person would don. chic yet practical.

these dresses look good enough to eat, with the creamy colouring, the ruffles and the simplicity. I love the center one, looks like a tiered wedding cake. the last one reminds me of Zac Posen somehow..

these look oh so wrong! I don't get how they fit in the collection of classy, dreamy and clean clothes. the first one looks like it was constructed by a bad Galliano. the second looks like she was dressed by a violin-loving recluse. the third one looks good execpt for the violins littering the botton. cringe worthy.

these few pieces are nice, given, but bland. the silhouette in the first one looks very familiar. the tiered-wedding-cake-like dress looks bad long, she looks like a human cloth stand. the last one is so stark, it hurts my eyes.

these ones look alot better than the top two, thank goodness. love the pale romantic pink. the first one looks like a trench coat and dress combination. looks different. love the bag and dress in the second one and the huge bolero gives it volume. the third is classic and comfy looking. very sleek, all of them.

the best part about Viktor & Rolf's latest collection? the details.

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