Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Balenciaga's Gladiators are taking everyone down.

there's been alot of talk on Balenciaga's Gladiator Boots for some time. some people love it, some loathe it, and I actually really like them.
they're edgy and sleek, and I've seen them in loads of fashion editorials cause they just jump out at you. this is probably the one shoe (or boot) that can overshadow your clothes. not to mention that they look oh so intricately made.

they come in 5 different colors, and I like the the black and white one best.

problems with these boots:

1) everyone would stare when you wear these out- there's not one occasion that I can think of that requires footwear like that. maybe in Rome?
2) you have to have model-like legs to pull these off. or else your legs would look like a strangled animal in a cage. not a very pretty sight.
3) and what kind of outfit can actually go with gladiator boots? gladiator garments don't count. I'm thinking a LBD (read: very short one) with minimal accessories.

but I have to say, those boots look good with the clothes on the runway

the puffy sleeves and the hip-widening part of the dress is really nice to look at. I like how the fabric doesn't really match the boots, which makes it even better to look at. this type of dress combined with any other boot/shoe would look weird and they did a good job by pushing the boundaries

this simple sleek outfit really does a good job of letting the boots take center stage. it looks tailored and futuristic which isn't as in-your-face as the one above. the only thing I have a problem with is the tailoring on the chest. it's the first thing your eyes go for cause everything is so smooth until BAM! you hit that part.

and now for the use of Balenciaga Gladiator Boots in magazines aka eye candyy:

Elle, February 2008
really dislike her glasses. it's like what Ozzy Ozbourne would wear.

Vogue UK, Feb 2008
I think Daria looks heavenly in this one-it's fab what lighting and choice of backdrop can do.

(sorry, don't know which magazine it's from)
Sasha looks like the poster girl for Balenciaga. she looks dreamy and so feminine in this shoot. love the imperial looking background too.

and for the most disappointing part of the gorgeous Balenciaga boots?

yes, it's Balenciaga's very own advertistment. Jennifer Connelly fails big time in this shot. her left leg does not do justice for the gorgeous boot-it looks like rubber. and her posing is just plain weird. they should have stuck with a real model such as Daria or Sasha.

but Balenciaga, I still love your boots!

credit to the people who own the images :)

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Penz said...

I looooove these, wish I could get them in South Africa...come to think of it, who can i speak to so I could sell them here in SA?