Saturday, January 19, 2008

pilot post: hairbands

let me get right to the point: hairbands.

let me get this straight- I've always liked hairbands. they don't really serve a purpose (since I don't pull my hair back along with it) and it kinda hurt after awhile, but they look really chic and cute, and it works well with hair that's long and short. but my passion for them kinda died after a few months, until....
watching Blair in Gossip Girl don hairbands in every episode! I realized that it doesn't matter if they hurt or not, wear them! she completes every outfit she wears with those gorgeous hairbands.

this blood red hairband looks great with her dark hair, and has this really 'preppy' feeling to it. I adore it! it'll look good with a LBD or a plain jeans and tee combo.

I would have liked a more similar looking one to the red one Blair has, but I couldn't find anything like that unfortunately. this is one of the closest I could find. $13 at Blooming Bows
Blooming Bows

this is by far my favourite hairband of Blair's. it has an old fashion feel, with all those colors. and the neat little wrap at the top is perfect. combined with the loose waves of her hair, this combination is a clear winner

not exactly the same, but it has the same tri color combination and the cute wrap on the top. it's a little pricey at $75 and it wouldn't really stand out if you have brown/black hair, but it comes in several other combinations (unfortunately, no green/gold/red like Blair's) $75 Jennifer Ouellette

Blair pairs this hairband with a comfy looking yet classy dress, and the hairband blends in perfectly, not overshining her outfit. perfect for a sleepover.

I really like the bow on the side, and I think it's affordable too. not the same champaign-y color though :( $22 at Evita Peroni
Hair Boutique

credit to the owners of the pictures.

there, I'm already done with my first post on Fashion Babble (: comments, anyone?

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