Sunday, January 20, 2008

of candy and lipglosses

little girls love recieving candy. big girls on the other hand, adore receiving lipgloss. it doesn't matter if you don't need 15 tubes of lipgloss when you only have a pair of lips, or buying and hoarding tons of candy when you know you're never going to finish it all. there is only a small difference between candy and lipgloss:
♥ both lipglosses and candy come in loads of colors and flavours
♥ they both come in cute packages
♥ a sure way to make people (fine, only girls) happy.

and the one point to make everyone like lipglosses more than candy:
♥ lipglosses don't have any CALORIES! :)

today's topic is on lipglosses, and I'm going to review most of the lipglosses I have and the ones I want.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Slice of Heaven

it seems that they've changed the name of Slice of Heaven to Piece of Cake. oh well, I've got the earlier one, and I personally think Slice of Heaven is a more appealing name. I got it from my mum's friend as a gift (they don't sell VS stuff here) and it smells really nice. :) like cupcake with thick icing. I wouldn't consider this lip gloss, but rather lip frosting, since it reminds me alot of the icing you put onto cupcakes- it's sticky and sweet (both the taste and smell) it's not the stickiest lipgloss I've used, but it's pretty sticky. I find the tube a little big too. 13g for lipgloss? I'll never use the whole thing up, such a waste. $7 at Victoria's Secret
PROS: reminds me of cupcake icing, yum!
CONS: too big!

Bobbie Brown Shimmering Tube Tints (mini)

I don't have those colors, but they're the same size and all. I have Glow Shimmer which is a cream colour, Dusk Shimmer is like the darkest one above but without so much shimmer and ligher, and Bare Shimmer which looks like tanning lotion color. they have this subtle peppermint smell which can not be tasted. a shame for me, but people wouldn't be crazy since peppermint reminds many people of toothpaste. the colors are nice, but a little too old for me. I didn't buy them, my aunt gave them to me, and I think Bobbi Brown is more for older women (35+) than people like me. not too sticky, but stickier than the Victoria's Secret one. the only thing that stands out to me is the size: it's small enough to put into a small handbag or even your pocket! $28 (set of four) at Bobbi Brown
PROS: small and cute
CONS: pricey for something usual.

Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Whisper

they don't seem to sell the shade Whisper anymore, which is such a shame. it's one of my favourite shades, since it's very shimmery with a very faint hint of light pink. I really like the packaging since it's really thin and small. one of my first few 'designer' lipglosses, I remember using it loads! it's the only lipgloss of mine that has reached half of the casing. I didn't even buy it, it came with the 3 step starter kit I bought ages ago. it has no scent or taste whatsover, and it's the stickiest lipgloss I have! too sticky, made me talk like I had paste on them. not one I would buy again. $13.50 at Clinique
PROS: pretty shade, small casing
CONS: too sticky, not worth the price

Squeezy Lip Smacker in Pink Lemonade

I didn't buy this myself (since they DO NOT sell Lip Smackers here) and practically 'stole' it from my friend who bought loads from the US. :) I refused to give it back and so it's mine now. it's my favourite lipgloss. everything about it is good. it smells exactly like what lemonade should smell like, without the fake chemical smell and all. it also tastes like lemonade! it reminds me of what the Snapple Pink Lemonade drink tastes like. yummyy. the tip is a slanted one, so it makes applicating effortless. the tube itself is cute and sold in bright attractive colors. loads of other flavors are sold such as Strawberry Limeade, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry etc. it's really high shine, and the only thing I don't like is the lack of color. but I guess it's for kids, and color would make it too 'grown-up'. to make up for the lack of color is the high shine. all the better for us, as we can layer it on top of designer lipglosses, giving it the yummy lemonade touch. it's also the most moisturizing of the lot.
it's really affordable too! :) $3 at Lip Smackers
PROS: scent and taste
CONS: no color

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Silk Fuchsia

got it for my Christmas present from my cousin (thanks again!) and boy, was I pleased! it was like getting candy you never thought you'd get. Silk Fuchsia is slightly too bright for my taste, but that's okay since I don't have a color like that. it's shimmer-y and not sticky. the thing that impressed me most when I opened it up (the Dior embossed wrapping paper was a nice touch too) was the casing. it's solid and sturdy, and when you closed the top, it gives this nice 'click' sound. very impressive. plus the DIOR letters on the bottle, with a slight margin between gloss and edge of casing looks very classy. the only thing is that when I use it is that I feel like we're paying for the casing, not the gloss. but I'm not complaining, using it makes me feel, well, classy. oh, and it says that the lipgloss plumps your lips too. won't know much about that since my lips are pretty plump already, haha. $25 at Dior
PROS: gorgeous packaging
CONS: gloss is nothing to shout about

done with the lipgloss reviews :) and now it's on to the lipgloss wishlist:

YSL Beaute Lip Twins Duo

the packaging is so genius! the YSL brush stick doubles as a key, and there are three panels to choose from: the two different shades and the mirror. it looks so classy, it rivals the Dior one above! it feels really gadget-y, it's something a female Indiana Jones would have in her pocket. the name, on the other hand, doesn't roll off your tongue easily. I would definately buy it, but the price is steep. besides, what if you lose the lip-brush-cum-key? or it breaks? or the tube jams? my Christmas pressie people! :D $30 at YSL

Rimmel Light Beam Lipgloss

looks simple enough right? wrong. this lipgloss comes with it's very own light! a little bulb is embedded in the bottom part of the cover, and once you press a button-waaa laaah! easy application, even in the darkest ally (not that anyone would want to do) they say the gloss itself isn't anything to shout about (read reviews online), this is one liplgoss where people pay for the casing, not the gloss. looks like the female Indiana Jones has another thing to stuff in her pocket! and at this price, it's pretty affordable. $11 at Rimmel.

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