Thursday, January 24, 2008

Runway Accessories

without good accessories, the whole outfit would be ruined. here's Viktor and Rolf Spring 2008 range

makeup's fresh and clean, with the look concerntrating on the lips. love the rosy pink sheer shade. it feels like they have an old-fashioned theme for the makeup.

the pom-poms on the edge of the shoe makes it more playful, and the peep-toe is so cute! love the pale pink colour and the contrast of the heel.

this black one looks more serious with the colouring and the cutting.

the details are perfect, the lace looks gorgeous with the black cris-crosses. sexy yet romantic.

the pale pink makes it look more innocent that it really is, good idea!

a glam looking, nicely porpotioned clutch with the simple chain around it. like the pale gold colouring too.

and to conclude this post, I was thinking, "who would actually wear something from the Fall 2007 V&R runway show? sure it looks good on the runway, but in real life?!"

looks like Roisin Murphy took the 'ready-to-wear' phrase too seriously. she even wore the clogs! death wish or fashion forward? you tell me.

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* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I love the black and white heels on those shoes!