Saturday, February 9, 2008

You're Nobody till You've Been Talked About;

I don't think there's a person who hasn't been swept up in the Gossip Girl whirl. the clothes in the shows are just fabulous, even for the guys. don't we all wish we could have guy friends who wear khakis and blazers all year 'round?

here's a simple guide on how to dress like your favourite GG star;

comfy yet chic dress from Milly, the prints are so bright and vibrant! very classy with an oomph. looks great with those stark white shades :)

dress by Phillip Lim 5.1 studded with Swavroski crystals will set you back $650 at Barneys Coop. just so you know, Blair wore it in episode 5. my favourite by far

Serena looking serene (ha ha) in this pretty and flattering dress by Vena Cava for Spring 2007.
picture credits: shopdiary

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Sana Deen said...

I see you are a gossip girl fan like me ;)