Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the art of cupcakes: Part Two

cosmetics are really important. do you remember the time when you were stuck on a date with this boring guy, and the only means of occupying yourself came from liplgoss application? or a juicy shade of lipgloss to complete your look? or the right amount of 'ooomph' that you can only get from a fragrance?
but what happens when you combine something super sweet like cupcakes with something very important like cosmetics?

you get a whole new line of deliciously cute cosmetics.

Natural Products: Mini Cupcake Lipgloss

I've seen these yummy pots of lipgloss being sold at $3 each online, but the only place I know that absolutely has them is Kitson. and they don't come in cheap either at $18 for a box of four. I have two out of the four (my best friend bought them at Kitson and gave me two) and they are SO cute. the lipgloss on the other hand, is very, eew. low quality and sickly sweet scents. only splurge if you really love cupcakes and liplgoss.

Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats Fragrance in Cupcake

the cupcake on the top of the bottle looks pretty. everything else on the other hand... it's just too pink, (who would eat those poisonous looking super pink cupcakes?) everything from the bottle to the background. even pink sugar on the ground! and I always have a feeling that fragrances like this would smell sickly sweet, like melted cupcakes on you. a bit too much, don't you think? props to the idea, just not the way it was marketed (and probably how it smells too)

Miso Pretty- Iced Cupcake Lipgloss

I love the brand name: Miso Pretty. it's so catchy and makes me think of yummy miso soup. not too sure about the product name though, 'Iced Cupcake'. isn't an un-iced cupcake a muffin? so calling it 'Iced Cupcake' is an oxymoron. or maybe I'm mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it's should be just 'Cupcake' or 'Iced Muffin'. :) the packaging looks pretty well, cheap to me (too kiddy-ish) and I really dislike lipglosses like that-all watery and clear. my Sephora Girls Strawberry lipgloss had this kind of texture (or lack thereof) and it was fake tasting and yucky. can't really judge if I haven't tried this one though. $12

cupcake cosmetics are pretty limited, and I only found these and one other one (Cupcake Cult @ Hottopic) which wasn't really impressive. so overall the only thing that was really 'cupcake worthy' to me is the four pots of lipgloss one. so far, I think the real butter-and-sugar cupcake still reigns over the artificial scented ones.

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Adelaide said...

So cute. I love cupcakes. I want that lip gloss.