Monday, January 21, 2008

the art of cupcakes.

my mum's convinced that cupcakes are just a fad, a passing trend. I beg to differ, since I believe that the cupcake 'phase' isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle. I'm not obsessed, I prefer the word dedicated. what do cupcakes (besides being sweet and pretty) have to do with being associated with such a big word-lifestyle?

have you seen a piece of clothing that reminded you of a cupcake? it might be the bright colors on a dull base, or it might be the flow of chiffon or the details on the lace. so go on, take a risk and indulge in these gorgeous creations-plus they're free of calories!

Louis Vuitton

Matthew Williamson


Jonathan Sanders

Tickled Pink

Dream Cream

Sunshine Lemon


any resemblance, hmm?

Part two: makeup
due tomorrow :)
btw, I baked those cupcakes with the help of my cousin. all by ourselves!

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