Sunday, April 20, 2008

I know I haven't been posting recently, sorry. :) I've been very busy, but recently, my holiday to the US has inspired me to do a post.

when I was in Vegas, walking around sightseeing in the casinos, I walked into the Bellagio's shopping area. saw Prada, and decided to take a look. no harm in that right?
I wish.
took a short walk around the place, and BAM! it hit me.

the Prada Tessuto Fiocco Bow Clutch.
I know it's not this season's bag, but who cares? the bow, the colours, the shape! genius. it was so gorgeous, I would have run out with it if I had my way. stood gaping at it till the shopkeeper asked if I wanted to see it. it's small, compact and made out of nylon. it felt like expensive nylon, not like LeSportsac. (not like that's cheap though) they only thing that bothered me was that the strap is long, so it sits at your waist. I prefer it being under my arm. not only that, the bow on it isn't just a decoration, you can slip your hand through it and carry it like a clutch. Beauty AND brains.
anyway, I was oohing and aahing, asking my mum if I could buy it (it cost $535 without tax!) but no avail. siiigh. it looked so good with my dress, and there is was in turquoise, black, white and pink. there are more colours like coral, aqua marine and aluminium.
well, I'm planning on saving for it and buying it for my birthday next year.


I'm googling Prada bags now, and I came across this bag.

the Prada Tessuto Fiocco Tote
yeah, it's in the same family as my dream Bow Clutch, but it's roomier, and there's a bow too! I love the crimson colour, so rich and deep. it's not that much more expensive than the Bow Clutch at $595, so I think this'll be more of a better buy. too bad I didn't see it in that Prada store.

so what do you think of the bags? I adore them :)

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* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Prada bags are getting more fabulous and covetable. I love the bag with the fairies on it